Tenfore – Center for Business Innovation and Transformation | Center for Business Innovation and Transformation
Tenfore is dedicated in helping clients to turn purpose into passion. Social Selling is the crossroad of Social Marketing and Social Business.
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Digital Business Transformation

Research shows that 65% of businesses around the world are still in their infant stage with regards to digital innovation. Why is that and what's to gain?

Digital Business Transformation

Social Business Transformation

Social media has changed the way we communicate amongst peers, but there is still much to gain from using social technology within the organisation.

Social Business Transformation

Business Model Compass ©

Understanding the way the economy flows and technology drives the economy is vital to understand how businesses need to operate tomorrow.

Business Model Compass
“Social selling is essentiallya transfer of feelings”
Zig Ziglar

About Our Company

Tenfore is a Social Selling Agency focused on creating real business opportunities, using both social marketing and social business techniques.

  • Strategic Social Selling
  • Social Marketing/Selling/Business Academy
  • Social Events

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“People don’t buy what you do,people buy why you do it”
Simon Sinek
“Listen, learn and then engagein a meaningful way”
Brian Solis
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